Season winding down and NEW! Online Store

Well, October is here! We are hoping for some more nice weather yet this fall, as everyone else is too, I'm sure. We've been getting onions, carrots, and potatoes out of the ground. There is still Romaine lettuce and salad mix in the garden, under cover in our mini tunnels. Radishes and salad turnips might get ready yet if we get some more sun.

Next Friday, October 5 will be our last Farmer's Market. We will still be selling produce from the farm, as long as supplies last. New for us is our Online Store where you can see what we still have available, place an order, and come pick it up or meet us in Spiritwood. We go through town almost every weekday so it's easy to drop orders off in town.

Here's some of what we have available:

- Carrots. These carrots have had several good frosts so they are getting good and sweet! We have lots available and will be storing them through the winter.

- Onions. The onions are still curing. We have lots of sweet Spanish onions, a small quantity of red onions, and a nice amount of storage onions that will hopefully store into next spring

- Potatoes. Our potatoes did very poor this year for a variety of reasons. We don't have many available. Most of what we have are French Fingerling, a red fingerling potato with yellow flesh.

- Cabbage. Round, green cabbage about 2 pounds, also a few purple ones.

- Lettuce and salad mix. These are growing under cover and have made it through some -7 degree nights. They'll be good for several more weeks yet.

- Green Tomatoes. We've cleaned out the greenhouse, so have lots of green tomatoes of several different varieties.

- Jalapeno Peppers. Our jalapenos did well this year, with some good spice to them. The later ones seem to be not as hot. We also have some red ones if you're interested in making chipotles.

- Also Hot Hungarian Wax peppers, cherry tomatoes, salad turnips, and pumpkins.

Visit our store here: Online Store

Green cabbage
Salad mix