July 7 share

Today, February 22nd, we are joining with CSA farmers from across Canada and the US to celebrate CSA Day. This is an important time of year for us to get new members signed up because we are in the process of making the investments that will result in a successful harvest many months from now. According to Small Farm Central, this is the most popular day of the year to sign up for a CSA share and now is when we need your support! The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is an important part of our farm. It gives us the cash we need for inputs in the spring when our expenses are the highest, and then we can concentrate on growing and delivering awesome veggies to our members the rest of the season. It also builds community connections, supports the local economy, and gives people a sense of pride and connection to their community. This year your CSA membership will help us heat our greenhouse and purchase high quality compost for our gardens. So thank you for your support on this and throughout the year. It is so important for us and we are thankful to you! Visit our CSA page for more details or click here to sign up.