What’s in the box each week?

We get asked this question a lot! We aim for 6-10 pre-packed veggies each week, with a mix of popular staples and a few unusual items to challenge you. You can also trade with items that we set out in the Trade box, or pick from the "extras" table at no additional charge   

To see our rough plan of what you might get on each week of our veggie box season, download our PDF 2019 Harvest Calendar below.

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We are vegetable growers! Starting with seeds, seedlings, transplants, and finally produce, growing is an exciting adventure. We invite you to join us as a CSA Member (Community Supported Agriculture), or meet us at the Farmers Market.  We will have radishes, turnips, salad greens, new potatoes, and carrots available. Followed by many others as the season progresses. We are OPEN Monday - Saturday, closed Sunday. You are welcome to visit the farm. If you call ahead and make an order, we can be ready for you.

Our Community Supported Agriculture program!

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We enjoy growing a large selection of vegetables. Radishes, salad greens, snap peas, and carrots, are favorites of ours. We also grow most, or all, of the traditional home garden vegetables, as well as some specialty varieties. 

As a family we like vegetables, especially eating them! It is important to us to grow naturally, and all are grown without the use of chemicals.

Greenhouse Growing

Greenhouse growing is something we really enjoy! Harvesting ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers, can hardly be beat. The harvesting isn't all, though. Seeding, seedlings, transplants, 'that smell of dirt', makes growing alot of fun!

We're looking forward to adding eggplant to our greenhouse for 2019. We also grow a variety of heirloom tomatoes, which we think you'll enjoy!

Farmer's Market

Coming to Farmer's Market is a great way to meet us! It is important to us to present our vegetables in clean, food safe packaging, as fresh as possible.  Come visit us at:

Spiritwood Farmer's Market.

Friday, 8:00 -12:00.

Main Street Spiritwood.

Leoville Farmer's Market.

Thursday, 8:00 - 12:00

Main Street Leoville.

Shell Lake Farmer's Market.

Friday, 1:00 - 3:00

Main Street Shell Lake.

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