Enjoy local, seasonal vegetables with our CSA! 

What is CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It's a model that connects consumers with local farmers. The basic idea is that you buy a share of the farm's production at the beginning of the season, and the farmer delivers your "share" each week as it is harvested. We have now made it even better by partnering with Harvie!

What is Harvie?

Harvie is a software platform that makes it easier for farms to deliver what their customers want. With Harvie you can choose what goes in your box each week.

When you sign up, Harvie asks what your preferences are and builds each weekly delivery based on that. Don't like beets? Mark them "not for me" and they won't go in your box. Or if you really like carrots, mark them as "I love it!" and you'll get them every time we have them available.

Bottom line, Harvie gives you more choice and flexibility while still supporting local, seasonal farmers!

How to Sign Up

The sign up button will take you to our profile on the Harvie site. There, follow these easy steps:

1: Choose your share size, Small, Medium, or Large.

2: Choose your pick up location - Saskatoon, Spiritwood, Leoville, or on the farm.

3: Fill in your contact info

4: Choose a payment plan

5: Harvie will ask you to rate your preferences!

More about CSA and Harvie

CSA details

- The season starts July 2 and goes to October 7.

- 15 boxes, one each week

-Delivery to a convenient pick up location in Saskatoon, Spiritwood, Leoville, or on the farm. There is a $5 delivery charge for Saskatoon deliveries.

- 40+ veggies to choose from

- Extra items available to purchase, including local honey, fresh roasted coffee, and baking.


​When you sign up for our farm share, you are asked to set your preferences. Then once deliveries start you'll be able to further customize your share based on what we are harvesting that week. If you like to be surprised by what's in the box each week, that's fine too, just don't set any preferences.

Flexible schedule

Going on vacation this summer? No problem, you can easily reschedule two shares on a different week. Or get a friend or family member to pick it up if you can't make it there.

Recipes and cooking suggestions

Do you ever ask "how do I cook this?" Harvie helps you out with recipes and cooking suggestions based on what is in your box that week. Never be stuck with a fridge full of food and nothing to eat!

Flexible payment options

Choose a payment plan that works for you. No need to remember to make payments, your card will automatically be charged at each time your share is delivered.

Swap items

Still have radishes left from last week? Don't need them this week so swap them out for something else! You will get an email several days before each delivery that lists what will be in your box that week. You then have the chance to swap out items with whatever we are harvesting that week.

Order extras

Easily order "extra" items to put in your box. Maybe you want more tomatoes to make salsa, or an extra bag of salad mix for dinner guests. We also offer other products such as local honey, fresh roasted coffee, and baking.

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